City Council 8/15/23

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City Council has passed an Ordinance to authorize the implementation of the 10 -1 District Voting System used in the last election (10 Districts of about 45,000 people where each District can only vote for their District representative and the Mayor at large).

ADOPTED, Ordinance to ADOPT the 2023 Redistricting Plan and to AUTHORIZE the implementation of a ten single-member district system of local elections.

The City is also going to build a road off Dam Neck Road near Harper’s Road as an entrance to the new Amazon facility that is being built.

ADOPTED, Ordinance to ESTABLISH Capital Project #100666 “Dam Neck Road – London Bridge Connector Improvements”; APPROPRIATE $22.5-MILLION in Public Facility Revenue Bonds; DEDICATE certain real estate tax revenue; and AUTHORIZE the execution of a Development Agreement for construction of infrastructure.

It looks like we are finally going to get the Park at Rudee Loop that citizens have been asking for. In the Informal Session, the City Manager has been directed by Council to work with Parks and Recreation to create a new Request For Proposal (RFP) to design a Park at Rudee Inlet with a parking garage. The Mayor, as do others, wants a Retail component to provide income to the City from the Parking Garage primarily for the purpose of potentially offsetting some of the cost and for potentially having some additional entertainment in this area. The suggestion was made that the Virginia Beach Development Authority (VBDA) be involved in the parking garage and any ancillary development (retail space) most likely because the VBDA can finance projects for longer periods than the City. The lowered cost could incentivize more retail to this space.

Kudos to City Council for listening to the people and acting together to start making the Park at Rudee Loop a reality!


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