City Council Retreat

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A couple of times a year, the City Council gets together in a “retreat” where they talk among themselves about what City issues they want to address and direction to take on those issues. Yesterday was one of those Retreats (my first) and I walked away impressed with what I heard and saw. The meeting was all day long, with an opportunity to interact with Council members and the Mayor during breaks and at lunch. City Department heads were in attendance as well, so there was an opportunity to chat with some of them, too. A variety of subjects were covered, too many to detail here, but I left proud of the job the Council is doing and their willingness to do the job. It was a good experience, got some recognition of the VBCCO and our job educating Citizens, and people noticed that we were in attendance. We build some good will, got a few questions answered, and gave out a little advice. It was a good day.

Here is a link to the recording of the meeting:


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