What is the VBCCO?

What Is the Purpose of the VBCCO:
The stated purpose of the VBCCO according to the current by-laws:To create a forum whereby the civic organizations throughout the city can work together to educate, inform, and empower civic leaders, support and assist member organizations, and advocate for stronger neighborhoods.To help organize neighborhood civic organizations, and to support the activities of member organizations when requested.To unite Virginia Beach neighborhoods for the common good.To study and discuss important issues and problems that affect our community and to work toward mutually agreeable solutions.To provide a forum for the discussion and debate of current topics and to provide educational programs that will enable member organizations to better serve their residents.

For those of you still undecided about joining the VBCCO, take note that this is a NEW VBCCO. We take this opportunity to learn from the past and to move forward with the Mission of the CCO.
I want to join your movement!

The following Committees have been created:
By-Laws Committee-rewrite and strengthen By-Laws
Budget Committee-money
Programs Committee-what the CCO offers to Civic Organizations
Membership Committee-increasing membership
Phone Tree Committee-phone calling to make people aware of the “new” CCO
Communications Committee-publications, news, email blasts, website
Events Committee-developing community events
Best Practices Committee-creating Civic Organization startup guide and best practices for running a Civic Organization
Fund Raising-generation of revenue other than membership fees

Committees need volunteers to help run the Committees. If you would like to volunteer on a Committee, or if you have any of your Members who would like to volunteer, please send us an email at: board@vbcco.org or click the button below.I want to join your movement!Finally, thank you. Thank you to the team of hard-working volunteers that are taking time from their busy days to bring structure to the group. Thank you to the Member Civic Organizations who are supporting this revitalization of the VBCCO.
We are all in this together and your support is greatly appreciated!

Reinvigorate and Revitalize the VBCCO! Become the People’s Voice !