The Virginia Beach Council of Civic Organizations (VBCCO) is a non-profit organization that exists to:

  • Create a forum whereby the civic organizations throughout the city can work together to educate, inform, and empower civic leaders, support and assist member organizations, and advocate for stronger neighborhoods.
  • Help organize neighborhood civic organizations, and to support the activities of member organizations when requested.
  • Unite Virginia Beach neighborhoods for the common good.
  • Study and discuss important issues and problems that affect our community and to work toward mutually-agreeable solutions.
  • Provide a forum for the discussion and debate of current topics and to provide educational programs that will enable member organizations to better serve their residents.

2021 VBCCO Member Organizations:

Aeries on the Bay Civic League
Avalon Civic League
Avalon Hills Civic League
Baycliff Civic League
Bellamy Woods Civic League
Brighton on the Bay Civic League
Cape Story By The Sea Civic Association
Cavalier Park-Bay Colony Community League
Chesapeake Beach Civic League
Chesopeian Colony Civic League
Cypress Point Civic Association
Fairfield Civic League
Glenwood Community Association
Great Neck Meadows Area CL
Homestead Civic League
Kempsville Greens Civic League
King’s Grant Community League
Lake Shores Civic League
Lakeview Park
Newsome Farms Civic League
North Alanton Civic League
North Virginia Beach Civic League
Ocean Lakes Community Association
Ocean Park Civic League
Pembroke Meadows Civic League
Princess Anne Hills
Protect VB Neighborhoods
Resort Beach Civic League
Sandbridge Beach Civic League
Seatack Community Civic League
Stratford Chase Civic League
Thalia Civic League
The Villages Homeowners Assoc
Witchduck Civic League
Woodstock Civic League

If you are a member of a civic organization in the city of Virginia Beach, or are interested in starting a civic league in your neighborhood, we invite you to join with us!

Check out our Facebook page for the latest happenings and announcements.