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The VBCCO was founded in 1959 as a way to ensure that all citizens had a voice in local City of Virginia Beach government. Now under new leadership: a new way forward.

  • 9/19/23 City Council-No District 1 appointed rep

    Probably the biggest takeaway from the Tuesday City Council meetings is that they are NOT going to appoint a replacement City Council Representative for District 1 in Kempsville. For those who are unaware, Sheriff Stolle is retiring, District 1 Councilman Rocky Holcomb is the #2 man in the Sheriff’s Department, […]

  • 9/20/23 Comprehensive Plan Updates

    We were present at the 2nd round of Comprehensive Plan Focus Group meetings last night. The Comprehensive Plan is our “development guideline” for the City which directs City Council and all Departments on where certain types of growth and development should occur, and any rules around that growth and development. […]

  • Energy Town Hall Next Week!

    Please register in advance by scanning the QR code or by going to: Virginia Energy Town Hall. This Thursday, September 21, 2023 co-hosted by the VBCCO and Delegate Karen Greenhalgh. Admission is free! Bow Creek Recreation Center. Come out and learn about Virginia’s Energy Policies, utility operations and the […]

Current Issues in Virginia Beach

What’s the latest?

Rudee Loop

City Council has decided to listen to the taxpaying citizens of the City and Build a Park at Rudee Loop! They are planning to hire a national firm to design the Park. More to come later.

Wycliffe Church Property

A Conditional Use Permit Change Application by Wycliffe Presbyterian Church will go before the City Council on September 19. It was not recommended for approval by the Planning Commission (vote 6-4).

Election System Changes

City Council voted on August 8th to adopt the 2023 Redistricting Plan and Authorize Implementation of a Ten Single-Member System of Local Election.

Offshore Wind Energy

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Neighborhood Issue

Pros and Cons

Neighborhood Issue

Pros and Cons

Neighborhood Issue

Pros and Cons

Neighborhood Issue

Pros and Cons

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Contact Information for the Virginia Beach City Council

District 1 Rocky Holcomb


District 4 Dr. Amelia Ross Hammond


District 7 Sabrina Wooten


District 10 Jennifer Rouse


District 2 Barbara Henley


District 5 Rosemary Wilson


District 8 Chris Taylor


District 3 Michael Berlucchi


District 6 Robert “Worth” Remick


District 9 Joashua Schulman


Mayor Robert “Bobby” Dyer