Dear VBCCO Members:

Until further notice, the Virginia Beach Council of Civic Organizations (VBCCO) is on hold. Our President, Charles E. Douglas Jr. has resigned. We only have three officers remaining, which is a breach of our bylaws.

While we are on hold, rest assured all proper paperwork with the State Corporation Commission, IRS, updated bylaws and the bank account are in order. All documentation has been scanned and secured. There are no scheduled meetings.

COVID was not the only cause of the lack of participation over the last several years, as you may know. We have been discussing the organization for months. We were once the only means of combining efforts to help neighborhoods; now, the City website, email, and social media enable the sharing of information more quickly than our monthly meetings.

For more information, please refer to our most recent newsletter. If your neighbors have any concerns or questions about this matter, please feel free to contact me.

Heather Malaby, President

Joan Davis, Treasurer

Garrett Rockey, Corresponding Secretary