the Silos at Southern Pines apartments

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A local Developer wants to build apartments off Princess Anne Road near the Courthouse called the Silo at Southern Pines. The new apartments are described as “Phase 2” of the existing apartment complex (Southern Pines) that was approved and built in 2014. IT IS TOO MUCH.

The applicant is asking for numerous Exceptions, Conditions, Modifications, Variances, and other alterations to the current City of Virginia Beach Comprehensive Plan, Zoning Code, and Policies governing development, to allow this project to happen the way they would like it to. IT IS TOO MUCH.

The apartments are immediately adjacent to, and the property is split in half by, the ITA (Interfacility Traffic Area), which is the flight corridor between Oceana Naval Air Station(ONAS) and Naval Auxiliary Landing Field – Fentress (NALF); an area off-limits to building apartments. IT IS TOO MUCH.

Read the Fact Sheet and you decide.

Fact Sheet: