9/26/23 “Neighborhood Issues” Website Pages

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During the revitalization process of the VBCCO, we have come to learn that there are always “Neighborhood Issues” that need addressing. The challenge is how to address these issues. After careful consideration, the Board has determined that the best way for the VBCCO to be involved in these Neighborhood Issues is to provide an unbiased forum for these issues to be discussed.

We will be creating a Neighborhood Issues section of the VBCCO website and for each Neighborhood Issue brought to our attention, we will give each issue its own web page, divided in two, with a Pro side and a Con side. The VBCCO will pick an “Authorized Speaker” for the Pro side and an Authorized Speaker for the Con side (which is generally going to be the closest Civic Organization and the applicant for whatever change is proposed). We will also allow comments from “Interested Parties” to be posted on the appropriate side of the page as well. Thsi is not going to be Facebook or Next Door, there will be no back and forth commenting between Interested Parties, and Interested Parties will only be able to make one comment (probably limited to about 500 words) per Neighborhood Issue.

The goal is to give people a single place to come and learn about Neighborhood Issues that they are unfamiliar with. You will be able to state your opinion and learn of the opinions of others.

Launch date is soon! We will give you all the details once the webpages are up and running.